TruBlack manages a multinational team of experts in international logistics, global sourcing, and construction management. We are local on three continents and this allows us to keep working on your needs around the clock. We have a diverse international team working for you.

International Logistics

At TruBlack we have been helping our customers organize international shipments since 1999, using our expertise in logistics through our network of global freight forwarders, carriers and shipping associations.

We expertly help our customers with their shipments from origin to their point of delivery.

We handle all aspects of foreign inland trans-shipments, the presentation of documents required by the carrier or country of export and import country’s customs and import declarations.


At TruBlack we help companies source products from anywhere in the world.

We develop a procurement strategy to find the most cost efficient location for manufacturing or growing products throughout the planet.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies find ways to lower their manufacturing and delivery costs in different countries. Sometimes we find that being closer to a company’s raw materials or markets allows them to find competitive advantages and reduce redundancies.

We can help your company find new competitive advantages by sourcing more efficiently.

At TruBlack we build quality and value worldwide.


Since 1976, we have been a global leader in managing onsite and offsite construction projects in South America and Asia. In Chile, for example, our NOVAFONTE company has been busy installing commercial floor systems in breweries, wineries, the local transportation infrastructure.

We are local to your project and bring a tremendous amount of experience and dedication to every project, Our engineering team can help design and manage your next project.

At TruBlack we build quality and value worldwide.

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