TruBlack today has developed into a multinational company with several operations on three continents. We take pride in being able to supply a full range of products from the source to the end user whether that is building, home, or food products. We have merged and developed from small companies and brands that have been around for decades into the company we are today.


Building Products

TruBlack is North America’s Number 1 producer of sorel cement (magnesium oxide) panels and a leading producer of building products like adhesives and lumber. We are a major supplier to several large do-it-yourself retailers and professional lumber and building materials (LBM) distributors. TruBlack has been in the forefront of innovative building products for several decades,

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home Products


We know that the most important investment is our home. We have been supplying decorative products, housewares and furniture for every style, taste and budget.

TruBlack designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of consumer home products


TruBlack is committed to the sustainable and natural production of agriculture and food products. For generations our suppliers and family farmers have been producing natural solutions in the food chain.

TruBlack today delivers quality ingredients and manufactures custom formulations for the food, beverage and dairy industries. We also help develop strategies for investment and production of food ingredients in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and the United States.

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