About The Company

About Us

TruBlack is an innovative international multi-brand business unit founded in 1999.

TruBlack is engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and global marketing of products, provisions and services. We are locally based in Hong Kong, North and South America making us the choice for sourcing a variety of products and services.

TruBlack’s area of focus is the global product sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, trading and managing of building, home, and food products. The company has a wide distribution and reach in more than 10 countries representing multinational brands of building products, foodstuffs, and contractor services.

Our Story

In the late 1990’s, two friends, Rodrigo Vera and Fabio Neri, came together with a vision to build TruBlack into an iconic company with worldwide brands that would persevere and flourish over time.

The company grew because of the hard work of good people, proven processes and the sale of quality products.

Along the way the company grew and kept growing. TruBlack went acquiring and merging business units, international companies and a variety of brands that shared its core mission and vision.


Anchor-Weld Adhesives – California, USA

In 1956, a little known adhesive company called Anchor-Weld, revolutionized the way that flooring would be installed for generations to come. Since 1956, Anchor-Weld has been in the forefront of new technology.


Novafonte Adhesives and General Contractor Services – Santiago Chile

Fabio Neri Sr. founded an innovative company dedicated to bring pioneering Italian adhesive technology to South America.


TruBlack Import & Export Ltda- Santiago Chile

The company was formed as a trading company to help serve the demand by the two largest retailers in South America at the time.


Southern Cross Building Products – Delray Beach, Florida, USA

The company initiated business in Florida and supplied housewares and building products throughout the United States and Asia by sourcing the best combination of price, quality and logistical delivery between the United States and Asia.


TruBlack In store Merchandising –Santiago Chile

In 2003, a local but large home center chain requested assistance in developing in-store merchandising in South America similar to what the company had already been doing in the United States.


Gripper-Edge Tack Strip – Boynton Beach, Florida USA

Since 1938, carpet has been stretched using perimeter tack strip along the walls of rooms. these strips allow carpet to be stretched over a soft underfloor making for a very plush in door environment. TruBlack has sold 660,000,000 linear feet of tack strip in North America making it one of the largest suppliers in the world. Enough to cover the radius of the equator 33 times!


GreenEBoard Building Panels – Vancouver, Canada & Florida, USA

GreenE-Board was invented to meet the demand of building environmentally «green» homes and buildings in North America. It is today one of the most environmentally friendly and safe building panels in the world made of sorel (magnesium oxide) cement.


QEP Chile Ltda –Santiago, Chile

In 2010 TruBlack purchased the Chilean assets of one of the largest floor covering accessory wholesale distributors in the world.


TruBlack HK Holdings Limited –Hong Kong

TruBlack saw an opportunity to expand into the Asian market by supplying food and building products not found locally.


Trublack Argentina Ltda – Buenos Aires, Argentina

TruBlack opens its new sales and sourcing office in Buenos Aires Argentina


TruBlack Peru Ltda –Lima, Peru

TruBlack opens its new sales and sourcing office in Lima, Peru


TruBlack Chile Ltda –Santiago, Chile

TruBlack develops a new business unit that supplies its full range of products to Chile